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Its time you made your customers happy again, shorter lines and faster payments are a sure way to keep your customers coming back. Modernize your operations using smart devices.

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Join the Green Revolution - Mobile Operational Software

Base Plan Starts at $350 per month

Automate Happiness Today

WeighPay's base solution makes operating a scale station fun and fast.
Easily weighs and takes photos while creating bills/invoices for any inbound or outbound product.
Finally, a simple to own solution for buying and selling across the scale.


  • Buy and Sell features
    Scale/Cashier Buy Side (purchasing) and Sell Side (Sales) Features
  • Multi-Location
    Manage multiple locations from a single online instance
  • Pricing
    Manage buy and sell prices in app or online
  • Tax Engine
    Base, GST, PST, HST, inclusive, exclusive, exempt per account or product
  • Printing Engine
    Thermal, Desktop, Ticket, Label and Report printer selections
  • Modifiers
    Custom buttons for deductions, bonuses and pre-weighed tare containers
  • Buying and Sorting Mixed Loads
    Capture weights mixed loads - sort and grade against inbound weights
  • Documents 
    Quickly scan documents to tickets via scanner or cameras
  • Tag & Hold
    Create tags to identify inbound products with supplier info
  • Report Engine
    Daily, product, customer, and ticket reports
  • Emailing Reports
    Send tickets, price lists via email to customers and employees
  • Adjustments and Edits
    Editing tickets after payment, void old, clone new, print and finish
  • Payment Engine
    Cash, check, credit card, wire (delay pay, split pay payments)
  • Auto Core Buying
    Quick buy each product logic with deductions for 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 full CATS
  • Integrated Hardware
    Communicate with scales, cameras and printers via serial, USB, network or bluetooth
  • Compliance
    Password protect scale and price fields with tokenized overrides
  • Customizable Fields
    Quaility control, inspections, 30 additional data collection fields
  • Scan Documents
    Attach documents via scanner or camera snapshot
  • Time Cards
    Users can track start and end times with full back office reporting
  • Mobile devices
    Create tickets and collect signatures
  • Offline Mode
    Create tickets when not connected to the internet
  • Languages
    English, Spanish, Australian English and Serbian
  • Support
    Email support included with faster than 24 hr response times

Included in this plan

  • Unlimited tickets
  • 5 users licenses
  • Unlimited workstations
  • Licensed by the location
  • Additional users are $50/mo/user
  • For compliance reporting and image capturing see the Advanced Plan

Hybrid-cloud SaaS (online/offline mode) 

Cloud Environment
Multi-tenant hosting via the public internet

Billing is location based + modules + number of users + support plan+ cloud hosting fees

Base Support Plan
Email support with less than 24 hour response time

Always updated, No version lock, always on the latest version 

Service Level Agreement
99.99% uptime with offline mode.

Licensing Terms
Flexible monthly and one-year agreements

Included cloud and local server features

  • Hard metal redundant cloud server infrastructure
  • Windows Server Software Licensing
  • Windows SQL Software Licensing
  • Zero-point-of-failure infrastructure
  • Off site daily backup with disaster recovery
  • 24/7 monitoring and alerts
  • Maintenance and server software updates

Suggested Hardware

Phones/Tablets: Samsung Mobile Devices - Samsung Galaxy Active 3 or Pro Tablets

Thermal Printers: Star Micronics MC3 (Network/BT) 

Any digial scale indicator - via Serial, BT or Network

Let us build a customized version of WeighPay for your company

Each module can be custom configured to meet your exacting requirements

Modules are priced ala cart and and are available across all company locations

Additional Modules

  • Imaging: Capture images for IDs, Fingerprints, Customers, Documents, Vehicles
  • Advanced Pricing: Dynamic formula based price sheets for Suppliers and Customers
  • Portal Users: Customer portals are sold on a per company basis
  • Advanced Inventory: Multi status inventory with freight, auto & manual regrades
  • Sales Contracts: Track fulfillments and remaining weights, shipping lists and BOLs
  • Tagged Inventory: Barcode pallets, bins, boxes, super sacs w/shipping logic
  • Billing and Invoicing: Send to AP / AR, consolidate, customer statements, credit limits
  • QBO/QB Connector: QB/QBO sending transactions as they happen in real-time
  • Metal Theft Reporting: Automated nightly compliance uploads (leads online, state reports)
  • Oracle NetSuite ERP: connector - pushing data in real-time from WP to NS
  • ATM  Connector: Use Tranact ATM machines and software with WP barcode voucher
  • Real-Time Support: 50 hours per week (Monday-Friday) chat with live support technicians

Support Plans

  • Email support is included with 24 hour response times
  • Pay extra for “live chat” support
  • Pay extra for phone support (M-F 9-5)

Send ticket data to your accounting solution in real-time

  • QBO Connector
  • QB Desktop Connector
  • Xero Report for uploads
  • NetSuite Connector

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Features and Modules Explored

Point of Purchase Automation

ATM Integration

Send Customers to the ATM for Cash Pay
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Check Printing

Writing Checks to Suppliers
Learn More

Scale Integration

Pulling the weights automatically
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Split Payment Option

Part Cash / Part Check
Learn More

Assign Custom Bonuses & Deductions

Manage Approved Modifiers
Learn More

Cash Drawer Management

Cash In and Cash Out
Learn More

Modern Software Built for Industry

Be confident that your business management software is designed to meet the needs of your industry.
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Ticket Management

WeighPay Mobile Tablet

Truck Scale Tickets

Easy ID. Snap and Identify Vehicles
Learn More

Truck Scale Tickets

Photo Driven Active Scale Activity
Learn More

E Waste Tickets

Electronic Waste Made Simple
Learn More

Inbound Tickets

Receiving Inbound Loads and Charge or Bill
Learn More

Email Tickets to Customer

Automated PDF Emailing
Learn More

Outbound Tickets

Outbound Sales Made Easy
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Out of the Box Flexibility

Gain infinite flexibility by embracing a hybrid-cloud solution.
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Payments Detail and Summary Report

As many details as you can handle
Learn More

Advanced Ticket Report

See Details Transaction History
Learn More

DR6 Reports

CalRecycle Bottle Bill Ready
Learn More

Customer Reports

Instantly see your Customers History
Learn More

Ticket Reporting

The Core of WeighPay
Learn More

Product Reporting

Details of Products Purchased and Sold
Learn More

Industry Leading and Aligned Processes

Implement industry leading best practices and processes.
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Inventory & Yard Operations

Print Shipping Documents, BOL & Labels

Outbound Documentation Simplified
Learn More

Real Time Reporting Giving You Better Clarity

Get access to the information you need to run your business as and when it happens.
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Customer & Supplier Management

Payments Detail and Summary Report

As many details as you can handle
Learn More

Advanced Ticket Report

See Details Transaction History
Learn More

DR6 Reports

CalRecycle Bottle Bill Ready
Learn More

Customer Reports

Instantly see your Customers History
Learn More

Ticket Reporting

The Core of WeighPay
Learn More

Product Reporting

Details of Products Purchased and Sold
Learn More

Take Control of Your People and Processes

Take control of your teams tasks and workload and ensure everyone is working efficiently.
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ID Scanning

Fast, Simple ID Scan and Image Capture
Learn More

Metal Theft Compliance Reporting

Let WeighPay handle the Reporting
Learn More

Signature Capture

Every Workstation comes with a built in Signature Pad
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Driving Better Business Efficiency

Increase the efficiency of each department with access to modern hybrid cloud software.
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Advanced Inventory

Invest in Technology to Help You Scale & Grow.

Our solutions are scalable meaning you can increase users and functionality as your business needs change.
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Integrated Accounting

Accounting Integration

Our accounting connectors are real-time and bullet-proof
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Check Search

Automated Check Printing
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Contract Management

Contract Management

Buy and Sell Against the Contract
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Hybrid Cloud Technology Bringing Our ClientsFreedom & Flexibility With or Without Internet Connectivity

WeighPay delivers the first if its kind, a Hybrid-Cloud Software Platform focused on the Global Recycling Industry employing Mobile-First strategy that is ERP agnostic with offline mode.
Laptop Icon

Desktop Software

Create fast and accurate scale transactions on any Windows, Mac, Linux PC with offline mode for 100% uptime
WeighPay Pro
Mobile Logo

Mobile Software

Using any Android device, capture inbound and outbound weights and images, easily capture signatures
WeighPay Mobile
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Browser Software

Our anywhere, anytime browser app is your back office management solution from any internet connected device
WeighPay Online

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