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Our mission is to deliver IT technology that drives environmental innovation towards a zero waste world.
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Our Mission & Vision

Our History

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The WeighPay Difference

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to become the world's leading provider of an industry aligned hybrid-cloud platform that is designed to meet the complex needs of the scrap metal, recycling and waste management industry. Our solutions are integrated to a wide range of 3rd party hardware and software packages to provide our clients with a connected, secure and holistic software ecosystem.

Our History

Since 2010, our team has worked to build the world's most advanced software solutions for the scrap metal, recycling and waste management industries. Over the years we have evolved our company and product branding to keep up with the ever changing technology landscape and industry evolutions.


In 2010, our company started out as PopScrap. Our mission was to create industry leading software that would revolutionize the way Scrap Metal Yards controlled their business. After 10 successful years, we realised that our solution could be expanded further by integrating to the world's leading ERP, NetSuite.


As an Oracle NetSuite SDN partner since 2017. WeighPay offers robust integrated connectors that push GL impacting data to NetSuite in real-time.

WeighPay Group

In 2019, after signigicant investment into API connector technology, we rebranded as the WeighPay Group. WeighPay Group is a premium development house for applications that meet the needs of the scrap metal, recycling and waste management industries.

Our Client Success

What People Say About Us

E & P Waste Facilities

WM has been using WeighPay Solutions for the last four years at our oilfield solid waste disposal facilities in east Texas. It's allowed our organization to grow from one landfill to seven in less than 3 years' time. The development and support team at WeighPay responded with fast and friendly service. We would highly recommend their products and services at any time.

Waste Management Logo
Kristi D.
Accounting Manager

Oilfield Water Logistics LLC (OWL)

"We just wanted to take a minute to drop you a note to tell how impressed I am I with both Jason Riley and Jason Dowdy. Both are very efficient and knowledgeable of the WeighPay system and were able to answer all of my team's questions with the utmost professionalism.The training they provided was communicated clearly and easily understood by the team in the landfill. In addition to those two guys, I must say that the changes I noticed with the WeighPay system since I last used it over a year ago are very impressive, especially having the ability to set protocols that do not let a gatehouse attendant finish a ticket until all the required fields are completed.I appreciate everything you have done for us and look forward to talking again soon!"

Northern Delaware Basin Landfill Logo
Timothy S.
Director of Landfill Operations

Petro Waste Environmental

Petro Waste Environmental utilized WeighPay Solutions for four years at our oilfield solid waste  disposal facilities in west and south Texas.  WeighPay Solutions was a critical tool in supporting exponential growth, as we open five facilities in twenty-one months.  With its ease of use and versatility, we were able leverage WeighPay Solutions capabilities into a marketing and competitive advantage.  Transactions were easily and accurately recorded at the facility in real-time which allowed for the Finance team (through the Cloud) to produce customized and timely invoicing according to the customer’s needs, which was critically important and, ultimately, a competitive advantage.  The WeighPay development and customer service teams were instrumental in supporting our goals.  As a result of our success, Petro Waste Environmental was acquired by Waste Management Energy Services in March, 2019.  I would highly recommend WeighPay Solutions, a true Cloud ERP.

Petro Waste logo
Kristi D
Project Manager and Senior Accountant

The WeighPay Difference

What is a Hybrid-Cloud?
WeighPay uses both cloud infrastructure in combination with local computing resources to offer a robust application platformOur WP Mobile and WP Pro client apps have their own local database that are synchronized with the cloud environment and both databases are used in online mode for speed of use. This locally stored data allows for an offline mode when internet connectivity is unavailable.

Operating on a 24/7 monitored and secure no-single-point-of failure cloud architecture, the WP platform provides peace of mind when it comes to your operating environment.