Integrated with WeighPay

WeighPay is integrated to Secugen, a leading provider of fingerprint scanning technology.

Exploring the Benefits of WeighPay &



SecuGen partners up with OEM's, Independent Software Developers and Systems Integration Specialists to provide innovative fingerprint biometrics-enabled solutions that meet the diverse needs of the scrap metal industry.

Hybrid Cloud Technology Bringing Our ClientsFreedom & Flexibility With or Without Internet Connectivity

WeighPay delivers the first if its kind, a Hybrid-Cloud Software Platform focused on the Global Recycling Industry employing Mobile-First strategy that is ERP agnostic with offline mode.
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Desktop Software

Create fast and accurate scale transactions on any Windows, Mac, Linux PC with offline mode for 100% uptime
WeighPay Pro
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Mobile Software

Using any Android device, capture inbound and outbound weights and images, easily capture signatures
WeighPay Mobile
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Browser Software

Our anywhere, anytime browser app is your back office management solution from any internet connected device
WeighPay Online