Customer, Hauler & Supplier Management

The basics of a CRM, storing account details about individuals and businesses including basic details, contact information, identification, physical attribute descriptions, custom pricing agreements and known vehicle details.

Top Features of WeighPay's

Customer, Hauler & Supplier Management


Capture Personal Information

Ensure your CRM records provide your team with the detail they need to better manage relationships with your customers and suppliers.

Contact Information

Capture address, phone and email contact details to make searching for customers when creating transactions quick and easy.

Customizable Contact Categories

Categorize contacts by their relationship type. Assign multiple relationship types to an individual based on their transactions with your business.

Cash Card Management

Streamline the process of applying for and creating cash cards for your suppliers.

Vehicle Data Management

Maintain details about client and supplier vehicles to ensure compliance with all state based regulations.

Differenciate Between Retail, Business Customers and Suppliers

Quickly identify which contacts are categorized as retail or business suppliers and use this to drive data entry requirements for various types of transactions such as buy/sell tickets.

Automated Do Not Buy Alerts

Mark individuals in the CRM as "Do Not Buy" to prevent Weighmasters from transacting and be alerted when these individuals attempt to sell to your business.

SMS Marketing Campaigns

Generate SMS marketing campaigns to individuals, groups of customers or suppliers or specific contact categories.

Email Price Sheets

Email system generated price sheets and updates to individuals, groups of customers and suppliers or specific contact categories.

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