Point of Sale and Purchase

Automate your Point of Sale and Point of Purchase operations with WeighPay’s modern features and hardware integrations. Streamline the process and reduce the amount of time it takes to process inbound and outbound orders and tickets.

Top Features of WeighPay's

Point of Sale and Purchase


Delay Payment

Manage delayed payments in line with your locations local state regulations. Ensure these payment delays are occurring on transactions that contain product types that require delayed payments.

Cash Drawer Management

Fully integrated cash drawer management to ensure you cashiers are able to process payments quickly and easily.

Scale Integration

Integrate your scales and lanes with our ticketing solution to accurately capture the gross and tare weights of inbound inventory.

Camera Integration

Integrate multiple cameras to capture vehicle, license plates, individual images as well as images of purchased loads.

ID Scanner Integration

Streamline the processing of capturing retail supplier identification including licenses and other documentation.

Fingerprint Scanner

Ensure compliance with fingerprint scanning and image capture integrations. Ensure your team are capturing all required images and that these images are stored against the correct tickets and customers.

ATM Integration

Integrate WeighPay to ATM solutions to automate the process of paying retail suppliers.

Check Printing

Print checks with data prefilled from customer records and tickets. Can be integrated with a wide range of printing technology.

Assign Custom Bonuses & Deductions

Manage a custom list of bonuses and deductions that may impact the final buy or sell price of your tickets.

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