Project Initiation

The Project Initiation is a formal introduction of your WeighPay professional services team and your department leads. This session is designed to help all stakeholders understand the implementation process in detail, finalize the required solution to be implemented and align expectations of deliverables, timelines and outputs.

The project initiation meeting will help your team to understand the WeighPay solution in more granular detail, and highlight areas of focus and priority for the implementation project.

System Configuration

Our team of WeighPay professional services experts will commence the system configuration in line with your statement of works and business requirements documentation. We will also commence the process of connecting and testing data input from your hardware solutions such as scanners, image capture devices and weighbridge/scales.

These connections will be maintained for the duration of the implementation and will be carried into your live environment ready for system go live.

System Confirmation

Once the system has been configured in line with your business requirements, our team will conduct detailed demonstrations of each area of the system using real world data to ensure your team have a comprehensive understanding of how WeighPay will work in your business day to day. We also take this opportunity to commence training your team members of use of the system and identify any reconfiguration or additional functionality that may be required.

User Acceptance Testing

After system confirmation has been completed, our team will begin training your subject matter experts of the use of the system for their specific departments, and aid in disseminating this information to all team members who will be interacting with WeighPay's stack of technology. These training sessions can be conducted face to face, or online with a train the trainer and classroom style training available.

Go Live

Once your team are confident in using WeighPay in their roles, our team will take the system live and begin go live support to help you as you transition to a modern business management platform.