Inventory & Yard Operations

WeighPay helps to manage all operational aspects of your yard including inventory, regrading, packing and shipments with weighted average costing. WeighPay gives users the ability to manage the transactions and tasks that relate to inbound and outbound inventory, as well as the various grading processes inventory items may go through while they are in your yard.

Top Features of WeighPay's

Inventory & Yard Operations


Custom Inventory Hierarchy Menu

Create your own onscreen menus

Add Inventory to Pallets, Bins or Boxes

WIP and Finished Goods

Check In Stock Inventory

Instantly see On Hand Levels

Add Inventory to Shipment List

Quickly add inventory

Choose Shipping Carrier

Manager your 3PL Trucking

Choose Driver, Truck & Trailer ID

Who is moving your inventory?

Track Shipping Data

Know before you load the truck

Choose "Shipping To" Customer

Finding your Customers

Print Shipping Documents, BOL & Labels

Outbound Documentation Simplified

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Inventory & Yard Operations

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