Inventory & Yard Operations

WeighPay helps to manage all operational aspects of your yard including inventory, regrading, packing and shipments with weighted average costing. WeighPay gives users the ability to manage the transactions and tasks that relate to inbound and outbound inventory, as well as the various grading processes inventory items may go through while they are in your yard.

Top Features of WeighPay's

Inventory & Yard Operations


Custom Inventory Hierarchy Menu

Create your own custom inventory categories to group items into logical and structured hierarchies.

Add Inventory to Pallets, Bins or Boxes

Manage the physical location of inventory through pile, pallet, bins or box locations.

Check In Stock Inventory

Get at a glance reporting to see current inventory levels across products, categories and locations.

Add Inventory to Shipment List

Quickly add inventory to a shipment order with real time look up of inventory available for specific commodities.

Choose Shipping Carrier

Maintain details about your shipping and hauling service providers and quickly apply these details to newly created shipping orders.

Choose Driver, Truck & Trailer ID

Where possible, you will be able to choose drivers, vehicle and trailer details and apply this information to a shipping order.

Track Shipping Data

Track all shipment related data including carrier, container ID's, purchase order numbers, booking numbers, vessel identification and more.

Choose "Shipping To" Customer

Ship items to any customer in your CRM and get a detailed overview of all historical and planned future shipments.

Print Shipping Documents, BOL & Labels

Automate the creation of shipping documentation, bills of lading and shipment labels to streamline the processing of outbound loads.

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