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Benefits of WeighPay's Waste Disposal Software

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Image-Based Ticketing and Gatehouse Management

Image-based ticketing provides transactional assurance and streamlines your invoicing process, reducing manual data entry errors and accelerating payment cycles. The WeighPay mobile app efficiently manages gatehouse security and improves traffic flow by centralizing access control and monitoring

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Lease-Well Manifest
Automation & Lookup

Our proprietary advanced manifest selection feature intelligently selects and prioritizes lease-well manifests, improving your operational efficiency and saving several minutes on every transaction. Reduce turnaround times, minimize transportation costs, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements

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P-18 Reports, Paint Filter Tests & Other Compliances

WeighPay automates your Texas P-18 Report, allowing you to produce it in seconds! This saves SWD facilities many hours of work, putting your site firmly in compliance. Paint tests and other documentation requirements are provided for as well, resulting in faster data collection, improved accuracy, and ultimately saving time/money

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Real Time Integration to Your Accounting Software

Effortlessly modernize and simplify your invoicing processes. Easily create and group invoices in WeighPay and push them securely to your existing accounting software. Integrates seamlessly to Oracle Netsuite, Quickbooks, Quickbooks Online, Xero, and Microsoft Dynamics

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100% Uptime Hybrid-Cloud
+ AI-Machine Learning

Robust server infrastructure and our unique hybrid-cloud setup allows for 100% operational uptime, empowering your business to function in online and offline modes, meaning when power or internet goes down, you keep on rolling! Productivity, reliability, and innovation are greatly enhanced with AI tools

WeighPay Software Accepts Credit Cards

Integrated Payments
Accept Credit Cards

Integrate with industry-leading payment solutions for enhanced efficiency and accuracy, streamlining processes for your customers and your operators alike. Simple POS, MPOS, and Cash Drawer management, with 100's of configurations and canned reports to fit your exact needs

" Transformative Impact "

We are pleased to offer this referral statement on behalf of WeighPay and their innovative real-time NetSuite connector. At Pilot Water Solutions, operators of the Oilfield Water Logistics landfill, we have experienced firsthand the transformative impact of integrating WeighPay's system into our operations. Using WeighPay as our operational ERP, with its seamless integration with NetSuite, has significantly accelerated our operations. The real-time data exchange between WeighPay and NetSuite has streamlined our processes, resulting in faster turn times and more accurate invoicing. This integration has not only optimized our efficiency but has also enhanced our bottom line.

One of the most notable benefits of the WeighPay Mobile App is the positive impact it has had on our truck drivers. With real-time data synchronization, our drivers can now complete transactions swiftly and with confidence, leading to happier and more satisfied team members. The intuitive interface of WeighPay has made their job easier, allowing them to focus on their tasks efficiently. Moreover, the automation of the reporting process through WeighPay has been a game-changer for our organization. By eliminating manual data entry and automating the generation of reports, we have saved valuable time and resources while ensuring accuracy and compliance.

In summary, integrating WeighPay's industry-leading real-time NetSuite connector into our operations has been instrumental in enhancing our efficiency, accuracy, and overall performance. We highly recommend WeighPay to any organization looking to streamline their operations and unlock new levels of productivity.

Tim S.
Director of Landfill Operations
Oilfield Water Logistics (OWL)

Tim Shreve Oilfield Water Logistics Director
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A Business Management Platform for the Oil & Gas Waste Landfill and Salt Water Disposal Industry

WeighPay is a front end mobile POS and operational solution that automates your manifest and invoicing processes in seconds. It's an easy-to-use, cloud-hybrid solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing equipment. This means less time spent on administrative tasks and connects directly to your accounting solution for faster invoicing and payments

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WeighPay streamlines the management of all operational and invoicing tasks for your E&P Oilfield Waste Landfills, Saltwater Disposal Facilities and Transfer Station sites. WeighPay features an automated AI-driven manifest collection process at the gate via tablets. These Tablets swiftly capture truck details, driver manifests, and driver signatures and greatly improve the efficiency of your operations.

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