WeighPay Mobile

WeighPay Mobile is an Android application with over a decade of custom settings for the waste and metal recycling industry. The Mobile Edition offers both Point-of-Sale (POS) and Point-of-Purchase (POP) features with an offline mode for any time, anywhere operations.
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Simple Mobile Ticketing Solution for the Recycling Industry

Managing transactions on the forklift or in remote warehouse locations have never been easier and more automated. The Mobile Edition saves money while bringing accuracy and speed to the transaction. WeighPay Mobile was designed to wirelessly connect to most scale indicators, cameras, scanners, printers, signature pads, and payment terminals. An enterprise-ready scale solution when used on the Samsung Active2 and Pro tablets.

Advanced Inventory

The Enterprise Edition offers the scrap industries only online perpetual weighted average inventory solution with real-time costing, backdating and re-costing. A multi-status inventory platform with On-Hand, Unprepared, Prepared, FG tags, In-Transit and Sold statuses.
Key Features
Inventory Location Transfers
Regrading Work Orders
Advanced Inbound Inventory Management
Advanced Outbound Inventory Management
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Customer & Supplier Management

Whether you are buying or selling, WeighPay helps you to capture detailed information about individuals and businesses including basic details, contact information, identification, physical attribute descriptions, custom pricing agreements and known vehicle details.
Key Features
Capture Personal Information
Contact Information
Customizable Contact Categories
Cash Card Management
Vehicle Data Management
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Point of Purchase

Automate your Procure-to-Pay (Point of Purchase) with WeighPay’s unique features and hardware integrations. Streamline the process and reduce the amount of time it takes to process inbound orders and retail buy tickets.
Key Features
Delay Payment
Cash Drawer Management
Scale Integration
Camera Integration
ID Scanner Integration
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Ticket Management

WeighPay is a weighbridge (scale) ticket management system for scrap yards, waste management facilities and recycling depots. It integrates seamlessly with your existing equipment to produce accurate weights and tickets. It provides your staff with the software they need to manage the day-to-day operations of their facility while also giving you peace of mind that all transactions are being handled appropriately.
Key Features
Outbound Tickets
Email Tickets to Customer
E Waste Tickets
Inbound Tickets
Truck Scale Tickets
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