WeighPayOnline.com is a complete online business solution. The robust web app offers the ability to create/manage inbound and outbound tickets and payments using any browser on any device. Instantly connecting your locations for real-time online reporting. Assign your customers a real-time portal to see their transactions and images.
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Fully Featured Business Management Platform for the Waste & Recycling Industry

Perpetual Weighted Average Inventory

Tracking inventory levels and cost using a moving average weighted inventory solution allows your company to see real-time impacts of every transaction type in our Positioning page. From Purchases, P2P Regrades, Production, Transfers, Misc Adjustments, and Sales
Key Features
Inventory Location Transfers
Regrading Work Orders
Advanced Inbound Inventory Management
Advanced Outbound Inventory Management
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Manage all aspects of state and local metal theft compliance by integrating your hardware technology to WeighPay. Our solution connects to a wide range of hardware including truck scale cameras, customer image capture points, fingerprint scanners, document scanners and license plate scanners.
Key Features
Fingerprint Scanning
Vehicle Image & VIN Capture
ID Scanning
Signature Capture
Automated Compliance Uploads
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Customer, Hauler & Supplier Management

The basics of a CRM, storing account details about individuals and businesses including basic details, contact information, identification, physical attribute descriptions, custom pricing agreements and known vehicle details.
Key Features
Capture Personal Information
Contact Information
Customizable Contact Categories
Cash Card Management
Vehicle Data Management
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Integrated Accounting

Integrated accounting features to help users gain real-time visibility over their scale and payment transactions pushed in real-time to the accounting solution of your choice. Our cloud-based platform makes it easy to manage simple financials in one place and keep track of everything from inventory to invoices.
Key Features
Create AR Invoice for Payment
Create AP Bill for Payment
Check Search
Advanced AP Ticket Management
Advanced AR Ticket Management
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Inventory & Yard Operations

WeighPay helps to manage all operational aspects of your yard including inventory, regrading, packing and shipments with weighted average costing. WeighPay gives users the ability to manage the transactions and tasks that relate to inbound and outbound inventory, as well as the various grading processes inventory items may go through while they are in your yard.
Key Features
Custom Inventory Hierarchy Menu
Add Inventory to Pallets, Bins or Boxes
Moving Weighted Average Inventory
Add Inventory to Shipment List
Choose Shipping Carrier
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Point of Sale and Purchase

Automate your Point of Sale and Point of Purchase operations with WeighPay’s modern features and hardware integrations. Streamline the process and reduce the amount of time it takes to process inbound and outbound orders and tickets.
Key Features
Delay Payment
Cash Drawer Management
Scale Integration
Camera Integration
ID Scanner Integration
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WeighPay's Advanced Reporting gives users online access to a comprehensive suite of reports to help you gain valuable insights into your products, tickets, customers, inventory, shipments and more.
Key Features
DR6 Reports
Product Reporting
Ticket Reporting
Customer Reports
State Compliance Reports
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Ticket Management

WeighPay is a weighbridge (scale) ticket management system for recycling centers, scrap yards, material producers, waste management facilities and bottle depots. It integrates seamlessly with your existing equipment to produce accurate weights and tickets. It provides your staff with the software they need to manage the day-to-day operations of their facility while also giving you peace of mind that all transactions are being handled appropriately.
Key Features
Outbound Tickets
Email Tickets to Customer
E Waste Tickets
Inbound Tickets
Truck Scale Tickets
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