Custom Development

Customization Services by WeighPay

WeighPay's advantages are improved further by customizations. Customizations make it possible to further tailor our software offerings to the exact needs of your business. 

Customizations are created by experienced professionals in WeighPay. They also have a thorough grasp of our architecture and implementation methodologies. When satisfying the needs of each client, this understanding guarantees security and peace of mind.

Application Personalization

Each company is different, and this is often the source of its efficiency and market success. Your Business Information systems should be aligned with organisational processes and business models to ensure your business can perform at optimum potential. 

Customization Advantages

  • The ability to adapt to changing demands.
  • Customized requests that would ordinarily have to wait for a new product version are delivered immediately.
  • System adaptation to conform to the customer's business operations and model.

Customization Timeline and Process

  • Compile a bespoke technical specification for the product to be created 
  • Implement the requested system modifications.
  • Make the completed modifications available in the customer's environment.
  • Validate the customizations in the customer's test and production environments.
  • Teach the consumer how to use the personalised goods.