Rockville Metals

Since October 2015, Rockville Metals has been a satisfied customer of WeighPay. Located in Rockville, MD, the company purchases both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and serves major manufacturers, municipalities, individuals, as well as many other organizations. With such a variety of clients, Rockville Metals needed a way to manage transactions and inventory efficiently.

As a company dealing in the scrap metal industry, Rockville Metals was in the market for purchase, sales, and inventory modules to make operating their business easier and more efficient. When Rockville Metals began using WeighPay five years ago, we were still known as PopScrap, and they had not yet implemented an ERP system to manage business operations. After learning about WeighPay from their Google searches into potential solutions, they ultimately chose us as their ERP solution provider. So what has kept them a loyal customer for nearly half a decade? The answer is simple; excellent support.

During the purchase of WeighPay software, Rockville Metals was told that customer service would be unavailable on weekends. Despite this, they have never experienced any issues getting support when they need it, even after business hours or on weekends. BG-Balaji Prasad, the owner of Rockville Metals, recently shared his experience: "Whenever we needed help, they were there to help us out. The patience shown by the support team was greatly appreciated, the diagnosis was done right, and the issue was resolved all the time."

As a result of using WeighPay software, Rockville Metals has seen a direct improvement in efficiency, with one of their top features being the ID scanners available on a tablet. Rockville Metals has been extremely satisfied with the cloud speed and reliability as well.

To learn more about WeighPay's solutions and services, please contact us. Combined with the power of Oracle NetSuite, WeighPay is the leading cloud business management suite for any commodity-based organization. We are specifically designed with waste management and scrap metal industries in mind, but we are not limited there. We also serve organizations in retail, consulting, energy, financial services, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. 

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