Green Go Recycling

Green-Go Recycling has been a very satisfied customer of WeighPay (formerly software since they adopted it in September 2012. As a full-service recycling center located in Escondido, CA, Green-Go Recycling provides commercial, construction, and manufacturing companies, along with the general public, a full range of recycling services.

Before implementing WeighPay, Green-Go Recycling used Excel to manage business data. However, they needed a more efficient software for inventory control and recording petty cash transactions, as well as an accurate way to include purchases, weights, and state compliance. The most important factors they were concerned with when finding the software was its compliance, reliability, user-friendliness, and brand support.

WeighPay checked all the boxes that Green-Go Recycling was looking for. After making the switch, they have experienced considerable improvements in inventory accuracy, reporting, and compliance. Of their experience, Green-Go Recycling has said: "Eight years with [the] software and [we] have seen it grow into a very complex and complete software. [We're] happy to be part of that."

Green-Go Recycling has found that WeighPay has been incredibly easy to use. They can access data through the internet from any device. Plus, it's easy to connect with other platforms through NetSuite as the company has grown, as well as being packaged according to company needs.

To learn more about WeighPay's solutions and services, please contact us. Combined with the power of Oracle NetSuite, WeighPay is the leading cloud business management suite for any commodity-based organization. We are specifically designed with waste management and scrap metal industries in mind, but we are not limited there. We also serve organizations in retail, consulting, energy, financial services, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. 

Hybrid Cloud Technology Bringing Our ClientsFreedom & Flexibility With or Without Internet Connectivity

WeighPay delivers the first if its kind, a Hybrid-Cloud Software Platform focused on the Global Recycling Industry employing Mobile-First strategy that is ERP agnostic with offline mode.
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Desktop Software

Windows application ensuring your business will be operating even if the internet goes down. Fully hybrid technology platform ensure maximum uptime for our clients.
WeighPay Pro
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Mobile Software

The world’s #1 Android mobile app for buying and selling waste and recycled products with built-in ticket logic for collecting state compliance images.
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Browser Software

Our Online application is your back office for prices, customers, contracts, AP, AR and for creating purchases using any internet connected device.
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