End of Year Release 2021 - Newsletter

December 8, 2021

Transforming the global recycling industry with a modern hybrid-cloud platform

We are grateful for your continued loyalty and support in 2021 and wish you the happiest holidays. We are in the final steps of rebranding our company and want to visit our new website at weighpay.com.

We hope you are enjoying the NEW faster server speeds, we recently upgraded our servers to INAP and we have tested over 75% faster speeds and increased our long term storage capacity with 24/7 monitoring and alerts. This move to INAP will require a mandatory update. Please contact tech support to get the latest update.

We have 4 exciting new Editions for 2022, the Starter, Plus, Advanced and Enterprise Editions. Each edition includes unlimited users, locations, and transactions. Simply pay for the number of scale and cashier stations and then pay for the advanced features/modules you need to run your organization, its that simple.

*Monthly subscribers: see the special note at the bottom of this email

Key highlights from WeighPay’s latest updates

Update for the Enterprise Edition Only v.12.2021
Comming soon:
Date 12/13/2021 - See release notes details below

Plus, Advanced and Enterprise Editions v.1.7.28
Date 11/23/2021 - See What’s New in the client app for details highlights
- Added ability to create finished goods tag from line items on the ticket screen
- BT/Network Zebra Printer integration for printing labels from mobile and pro
- Instantly select most used accounts using the local db
- Quick select top 10-20-30 favorite products for each account

Starter, Plus and Advanced Editions v.9.7.4
Date 11/23/2021 - See What’s New in the client app for details

Planned Release Date: 12/13/2021

  • Types, Production Standard Costs
  • Updated Customer page tables with improved filters
  • New customer profile icons instead of photos
  • Added automatic pre-selection of bills for Payments
  • Added fallback price boards settings
  • Added fallback price boards A FB, B FB and C FB in pricing records UI pages
  • Account Search: Removed the merge option and account pictures.
  • Account Overview: Complete overhaul of the Account Overview page.
  • Account Overview: Refreshed the layout, and moved all the Account related info on top, resized the ticket search table to full screen width.
  • Account Overview: Fully optimized for smaller devices.
  • Account Info - Freight Tab: Added the missing items, controls and tabs in the Freight section.
  • Account Info - Freight Tab: Optimized the table for mobile devices.
  • Dispatch: Added the Dispatch Search control and table.
  • Dispatch: Added the Scheduler control for dispatching.
  • Dispatch: Added the Dispatch Details control and required elements.
  • Roles and Permissions, Administrator Accounts: Added the WP Online Menu access control and Tree List table. The table is taking the Site Map as it's data source - no matter what we add/remove from the menu will automatically refresh in the table.
  • Roles and Permissions: Roles and Permissions controls and landing page
  • Updated the App with the new WeighPay logos.
  • Added the necessary controls and pages for Password Reset
  • Fix UOM's in the system, now all product are in LB or Each
  • Fix for the Ship to Address issue on outbound tickets
  • Add Max Price Threshold on Item Master Records
  • Add checkbox on item records to allow negative Inventory per product
  • Inbound waste ticket produces an AR invoice at $0 cost
  • Added extra logging in audit screen for Workstation description, location and user name
  • Transaction decimal places, added logic to read from database setting for each UOM, same for prices
  • Sub-channel to Channel in pricing records UI pages
  • Added UOM for Each and Volume
  • Four decimal places in pricing records UI pages
  • Accounts page: new price boards with option to use Channels
  • Accounts page: new fields for Spot Price
  • Add ability to create and edit Spot Prices per account
  • UseTierPricing, Contract: UseFormulaPricing, UseTierPricing, PickupRate
  • Accounts page: edit provisional if enabled
  • Creating new pricing table using Channels and or Subchannels
  • Contracts: Create new contracts, purchase and sales types
  • Contracts: Contract Details page updated with audit table.
  • Dispatch: Added all the required pages
  • Dispatch: Dispatch start dialog is also added
  • Dispatch: Add all the required fields on the Dispatch Create page
  • Ticket Screen: Added the new ticket type coloring. Depending on the ticket type/state, the color on the left side should change.
  • Added operations for Spot, Formula, Freight 3 sub tabs, and Form
  • Added ticket bill type
  • Updated controls on user create/edit page
  • Added Assignment of roles per region/subregion for user accounts
  • Added ability to change the UOM on pricing records per channel or subchannel

Coming in 2022
The WP Enterprise Edition V1.0 is scheduled to be released in the 3rd quarter of 2022. We have invested well over 40,000 hours over the last 3 years into this new scrap metal enterprise application to meet the growing needs of larger multi-site operations.

This new Edition offers a perpetual real-time weighted average inventory solution increasing real-time visibility across the enterprise. A new multi-account ticket structure that automatically create bills and invoices for each account on the ticket and allows for more complex transactions like milk-runs and multi-location sales fulfilments for sharing freight costs between suppliers on that ticket. This allows for more accurate real-time inventory costing.


1. New Ticket types: Retail, Business, Internal. Logic for inbound AR and outbound AP.
2. Netting Bills and Payments: combines AP bills and AR invoices for payment at the scale.
3. New Pile-to-Pile Regrades. Add-on module for Production and Inter-company Transfers with scale and camera integration.
4. Dynamic multi-tier price board solution with channels and or subchannel with hub cross-referencing with multi-UOM ability per channel.
5. Advanced Module: Container tracking, dispatching, routing and scheduling

Features scheduled for 3rd quarter release
Spot Price / Quote Management
Finish Goods Internal Transfers
Inter-Company Transfers
Link Purchase Contracts to Inbound Purchase Transactions
Link Purchase Contracts to Supplier Records
Link Sales Contracts to Customer Record
Link Sales Contracts to Outbound Sales Transactions
Misc Adjustments (No backdating yet)
Price Board History
Purchase Contract Fulfilment Status
Purchase History Report
Purchase/Sales Contract Report
Regrade/Production History Report
Related Service (Suppliers) Reporting
Sales Contract Fulfilment
Sales Final Invoice
Sales Pro-Forma Invoice
Sales History Report
Settlement Process
Supplier Specific Formula Pricing
Tags/Finished Goods
User Roles & Permissions - segregation of duties
Adjustment Ticket (void/clone)
COGS Reports
Enhanced On-Hand Inventory (WIP, FG's, RFS)
Negative Inventory Report
Physical Count
Sales - Non-Contractual Pricing
Scheduling for dispatch, bin swap, drop, pickup statuses
Surcharge for freight

Roadmap items

  • Hauler Associated Accounts
  • Bin Management
  • Brokerage Contracts
  • CRV
  • Cycle Count
  • Dead Freight
  • Dispatch Portal
  • Driver's App (Dispatch)
  • FAS 151 / NRV Adj.
  • Hedging
  • Job Board (Daily/Weekly Yard/Dock Scheduling)
  • Maps & Routing
  • Market Index Pricing on Price Boards
  • Misc Adjustments (Backdating to last day, last transaction)
  • Multi-Supplier Check Runs
  • Provisional Pricing
  • Supplier/Customer Portal
  • Tier/Volume Pricing (Cumulative)
  • Tier/Volume Pricing (Per Transaction)
  • Workflow approval Engine

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End of Year Release 2021 - Newsletter

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WeighPay aims at replacing SAI, RECY-AMCS, and Shared Logic with its robust and affordable cloud solution.

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Eliminating Version Lock

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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) version lock can be seriously debilitating to a business. Getting stuck in version lock means your business or enterprise has reached such an extensive point in the customization of your software that it will break down when an update becomes available; thereby leaving you behind at a former version of the software.
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